In the year 2020 the European Blues Union, the European blues organisations and blues musicians planned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the European Blues Challenge. In the same year the Dutch Blues Foundation celebrated its 10th year of existance. The DBF would be our Host at this 10th European Blues Challenge.

The Foundation Blues in Zaanstad was to organize and manage the entire event under its sole responsability in co-operation with the Zaan Theatre as operational venue. The 10th European Blues Challenge together with the General Assembly, Blues Expo and Blues Workshop should have taken place at the Zaan Theatre, located in the city of Zaandam, a neighbouring city of Amsterdam.


Coming by car or public transportation

From Schiphol/Amsterdam airport you can travel by train and by car to Zaandam.

Schiphol airport has a direct link by train with Zaandam train station two times per hour but you can also travel with a change of trains at Amsterdam Sloterdijk station, which get you to Zaandam station four times per hour. Amsterdam Central station and Zaandam station are connted 8 times per hour and the train ride takes about 12 minutes. Amsterdam Central station is connected with several European cities like Brussels, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Berlin.

Zaandam can be reached by car from all directions via highway A 8, taking the exits Zaandam-zuid or Zaandam centrum, after leaving the A 10 circular road around Amsterdam. Via the A 7 highway one can go up north to Germany, eastern Europe and the Scandinavian countries.

How to get to the Netherlands

First of all: the Zaantheatre as the venue where the EBC 2020 will take place, lies within the borders of the city of Zaanstad and to be more specific within the area which is called Zaandam, the most southern part of the city of Zaanstad.

Zaanstad has a shared border with the city of Amsterdam and is located close to Schiphol airport.

How to get to Schiphol airport:
Every participating country has a direct connection with Schiphol/Amsterdam airport. Without being complete at least the following European airlines fly to Amsterdam: Aer Lingus, Air Europe, Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Croatia Airlines, Easyjet, Eurowings, Finnair, Iberia, KLM, LOT, Lufthansa, Nowegian Air Int., Ryanair, SAS, TAP, Tarom, Tranavia and Vueling.

Where to stay

There are also lots op possibilities to stay in a hotel in Amsterdam, but why bother if you know all the possibilities of hotels in Zaandam itself and the Zaandam region.

Besides that: don't forget you need to leave the EBC early since the last train from Zaandam to Amsterdam will leave at 01.04 AM. If you miss that train you will need to take a taxi.

Board BiZ and BiZ Partners

The Board of the Foundation Blues in Zaanstad

With a maximum total of seven persons the Board exists at the moment, April 2020, of the following people:

Peter Tange, chairman
Paul Möhlmann, vice-chairman
Remco Doorn, finance and PR

The Partners of the Foundation Blues in Zaanstad

As the Organizer of the EBC 2020 the Foundation Blues in Zaanstad works in close cooperation with a number of partner.
The Board also wishes to say thank you to all the partners helping in a financial way.

Our (financial) partners are:

- European Blues Union
- Dutch Blues Foundation
- Zaantheatre
- City of Zaanstad
- Breuring Webdesign
- Prepress4U
- Rotary Club Zaandam
- Rabobank
- Hellingman & Zn

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